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About Us


CodeTalker Studio was founded by Tim Scott and Calum Goodes in 2018 off the back of our collaboration on Born Of Ire's debut album. We decided to use our joint passions, skill sets and networks to provide a service that makes the organisational process of producing an album or sound track far less of a burden. We are based in the south of England, but will travel wherever your project takes us.

Tim Scott


Tim is a sound engineer with years of experience in a wide array of audio environments, from theatre to studios to film sets. His degree, BSc Sound Engineering, provides a rich technical basis that facilitates his creativity, which comes from a passion for all sound, but particularly that of music and cinema.

Calum Goodes


Calum has been creating music for over 15 years, culminating in the wide acclaim of his heavy metal project, Born Of Ire. Over this time, he has amassed an impressive knowledge of music, with a particular specialty in guitar tones, and a keen ear for quality across all genres. He also has a background in project management, making him well trained in planning and communication.

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